Window Washing in St. Charles County and St. Louis County

Cleaning windows webMarvelous Maids is now offering window cleaning services! We have a dedicated window cleaning crew with bonded, insured and well-trained employees whose sole responsibility is getting your windows thoroughly cleaned inside and out, saving you time and hassles on the ladder.

Open up those windows, take in the fresh air and get outside when the warm days crop up early this season.

Email, call 636-240-5845 or fill out our free quote tool below (sale price for window cleaning will be applied after the quote. This tool will give you an idea for pricing.)

Window washing prices and overview

Pricing: Pricing is based on the window pane count, not just the number of windows you have. One pane is a piece of glass with a frame on all sides. Each individual pane is counted separately — most windows have more than one pane. The key: If windows are separated by a frame, each section within a frame is considered one pane.

Windows with removable grids: Each area in the grid does not constitute a separate pane. We can remove the grid, which is considered one pane. One removable grid = 1 pane.

Storm windows: Storm windows help protect your home and your glass. They also get dirty and need care. We consider storm windows an additional three panes: 2 panes to clean and one pane to remove it. That would mean double hung windows with storm windows would equal 5 panes: 2 panes on the windows and 3 for the storm windows.


How to count window panes:
Getting a quick count of your window panes may be the easiest method to getting a window pane count. It can be fast and easy and won’t require us to do an in-home estimate. We recommend taking a pen and pad of paper to do a quick walk through of your home, counting the window panes. You can use that count when getting an over the phone estimate or filling out the quote tool above.

Washing windows inside and out: You do not have to count one pane twice if you want your windows washed on the inside and outside. Essentially, just count the window pane once even if we’re washing both sides of the window.