Power washing home siding alternative

Safe, ARMA-approved power washing alternative

A clean home exterior is more than curb appeal. It’s helping ensure that your home siding stays as durable as possible. It’s about making your home siding look its best. It’s about a great looking surface but also digging deeper. It’s about conditioning your home without damaging the material.

Power washing a home siding with up thousands of PSI can churn through gallons of water in only a minute, potentially damaging vinyl siding and chipping wood or fibrous materials. The pressure washing treatment unevenly strips away the surface, leaving an inconsistent final product. The spraying debris makes a mess. It takes a long time. Yes, power washing home siding can be damaging to your home, superficial, time consuming and wasteful.

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Home exterior cleaning is a do-it-yourself project that takes days. Days! Yes, for an entire home cleaning on an uneven, full schedule, house cleaning could take you days. Because how often do you get hours of uninterrupted time to focus on one project?

And, even when you have hours of uninterrupted time, do you have the experience, equipment, process and plan to be able to clean your home’s exterior effectively? The payoff and value of having a well-treated, clean home exterior lasts much longer than the hours you would have to spend cleaning it.

The better the cleaning, the longer the value. The better the cleaning, the better the look.

We are professional exterior home cleaners — home siding cleaning is something you want to leave to those who have the equipment, experience, knowledge and time to focus on nothing but your home.

Our professional power washing home cleaning process:

Selecting the right professional home cleaner comes down to trust at all levels:

  • Trusted technicians: We are experienced, well-trained, bonded/insured, professional, courteous and communicative. We are in and out without being cold. We focus on our job at hand so we can provide the best result possible.
  • Trusted home cleaning method: We use a soft washing solution that treats your home siding evenly and consistently, without high pressure power washing that can damage your home siding materials. We rinse away the debris, dirt and grime while protecting your lawn and landscaping.
  • Trusted customer service: We communicate with you before, during and after each cleaning to ensure that you understand what to expect, that you receive honest and simple pricing and that you are satisfied.

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We understand that professional cleaning is not only about clean houses, it is about clear communication. If you would like to find out how we can help, email joann@marvelousmaids.com. We look forward to providing you a great looking home!