The Marvelous Difference

Marvelous Maids


  • Pre-employment drug test, Orion personality test, police background check for misdemeanors and felonies.
  • Most do no drug test unless there is reasonable suspicion, no personality test, felony background checks only.
  • Lower turnover due to pay, scheduling and benefits.
  • High turnover due to percentage pay, over-scheduling, no paid vacation or benefits.
  • Employees are paid hourly and most teams clean 3 or 4 houses daily with a team of 2.
  • Employees are paid by percentages and are given 4 to 6 houses to clean daily with a team of 2 which leads to rushing. Once competitor sends one person to clean 2 or more houses alone.
  • Less than 1 redo per week (150 cleanings), 97% of returned customer comment cards in April said “Excellent”.
  • We regularly obtain unhappy customers from our competitors who are thrilled with our services.
  • Employees are offered health, dental and vacation benefits.
  • Most companies offer no benefits since they are paying 5% to 7% of gross revenues to a franchise company. We have invested those monies into our staff.
  • We are not a franchise but are independently owned. Our Owner, Kathy Gage, was a corporate accountant working for Anheuser-Busch for 10 years. While there she also helped facilitate a quality team. She was tired of the way her house was being cleaned and set out to start a company that did a better job and was more professionally managed. We now clean over 5600 houses on a regular basis. Kathy lives in O’Fallon and works actively in the business. She always appreciates your feedback.
  • Most companies are a franchise company.