Why a Cleaning Service Can Accomplish a Better Clean in Chesterfield and st Charles County

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Better Maid Service Chesterfield Mo







If you’ve ever experienced the joy of hiring a maid service to help tidy and tend to your home, you know that they seem to clean “better.” While a housecleaning service delivers exceptional results, here are the reasons why Marvelous Maids can perform a mean clean that is top-notch:


Tools and Equipment

Maid services like Marvelous Maids in Missouri are prepared with a variety of tools and equipment that are often industrial-grade. Also, many maid services have cleaning solutions that are tried and true as well as green, mops and microfiber cloths that ensure a spotless clean.


Technique and Tricks

Many maid services have specialty tricks and techniques they employ to make a house spotless. Years of training and experience make maid professionals more adept and speedier at cleaning a home.



While you might be filling the dog bowl, responding to a text, washing clothes and doing the dishes, a maid service company will come to a home with a greater focus. The Marvelous Maid team will only concentrate on cleaning the house and won’t be distracted by other household happenings.  And Marvelous Maids doesn’t overshcedule allowing their teams to take their time in your home.


Team Spirit

Most maid companies bring multiple maids to cleaning jobs and this can accomplish more than a single person trying to clean and tidy an entire house.


Custom Cleaning

A maid service team can create a thorough and customized cleaning plan that will result in a deeper and more effective long term cleaning plan.


Need help getting your home seriously clean and tidy? Our maid team in O’Fallon and Chesterfield, Missouri can help! Contact us today and receive a free quote HERE!


So if you are looking for maid service Chesterfield Mo – Hear from one of our great customers:


“I absolutely L-O-V-E Marvelous Maids!! So very glad they headed into our area. The company itself is top-notch, but that wouldn’t be possible without wonderful teams such as ours, Amanda and Eryn. Dependable, efficient, so very good at what they do – coming home after a “Marvelous” day is such a treat for me!! I am usually at work when they come, but my husband works from home and my mother-in-law lives in our home, and they both have nothing but compliments for these two. We are lucky to have them as our team members!! Thank you, Amanda and Eryn, and Marvelous Maids, for living up to everything you promise, and then some!!!”  Colleen L., maid service Chesterfield Mo

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