Reasons You Need to Hire a Cleaning Service

Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in Marvelous Tips

While most people can’t imagine life without the burdensome tasks and chores related to managing a household and keeping mess to a minimum, there is a way to experience such bliss and this involves hiring a housekeeping company. A professional cleaning team can take away the dirt and drudgery. Here are a few reasons why you should hire our team of cleaning champions:   #1. Reliability Our team is consistent, reliable and trustworthy. While you may come down with the flu and be unable to tend to household chores, our team is always available and ready for every house cleaning session.   #2. Customer Service We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service with a high attention to detail and a focus on not only getting the job done, but also getting it done right. We strive to clean every home so that the customer is not only satisfied but also impressed and delighted with our work and commitment.   #3. Valuable Time Our team of professionals wants to save you the time and effort of keeping the house spotless. By taking ‘cleaning’ off the to-do list—there’s more time for friends, family and fun!   #4. Competitive Prices We want you to retain you as a client so we offer discounts, promotions and loyalty benefits on our cleaning offerings. Our pricing structure is simple and we offer flexible options for packages and sessions. Want to put an end to the insanity of trying to keep up on cleaning tasks and chores while working, balancing a family or tending to errands and hobbies?  We’re here to help! Contact us at Marvelous Maids...

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4 Easy Daily Tasks to Keep A Clean House Year-Round

Posted by on Oct 10, 2015 in Marvelous Tips

Whether your house is bachelor or bachelorette den or you’ve got kiddos and pets, there are easy and simple ways to stay ahead of cleaning chores and keep the house clean without crazy amounts of effort. Here are some easy and simple ideas for calming the chaos and getting a house that’s clean and presentable:   #1. Find a Home Many people tend to accumulate things—from toys to tools to crafts and books; there are many households that are overwhelmed with stuff. Finding a place, a bin or a bucket or a drawer, for every item in the house will make major mess and disorganization disappear fast.   #2. Keep the Kitchen Sparkling A dirty kitchen seems to signal that rest of the house is likely on the same dirty page. Clean countertops, paperless tables and lack of dirty dishes equal an organized and inviting home.   #3. Bedroom Bliss On the same note as the kitchen, a bedroom space that is full of piles of dirty clothes and disorganized bath items will make the rest of the home echo the same sentiment. Keeping the bed made, clothes put away and used towels off the floor will go a long way towards setting the tone of a clean house.   #4. Trash the Trash A kitchen with an overflowing trashcan and a recycle container that is piled high is a sure sign of a dirty disaster. Make sure to stick to a daily habit of emptying the garbage and taking out the recycle bin to be dumped.   Need help getting your home to sparkle and shine year round? Our maid service team in O’Fallon and Chesterfield can help make your home spotless year-round! Learn more about all our maid services...

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Remodeling Tips to Help you create an Easy to Clean Bathroom

Posted by on Oct 5, 2015 in Marvelous Tips

Believe it or not, half of the battle of cleaning your bathroom can be won with a little design change. Yep, there are bathrooms out there that are simply easier to clean. Here are 5 remodeling tips to help you create a bathroom that is easier to clean. Tip 1: Ditch the Grout This one makes sense if you think about it. Instead of scrubbing grout lines, choose solid-surfaces for your shower walls. There will be less places for germs and grime to hide their ugly faces, and you’ll have to put in less elbow grease to have a sparkling shower. Tip 2: Avoid Shower Glass You know that not-so-fun buildup that inevitably ends up on your glass shower door and around the metal hinges and track? That’s all eliminated when you ditch the shower. Look for shower designs that use strategically placed showers to eliminate the need for glass altogether. Tip 3: Choose Easy-Clean Surfaces You can now purchase tubs and toilets with a surface known as EverClean. This surface actually has a patented antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of mildew and mold. Tip 4: Quality Materials Choosing materials that are made to last will help when it’s time to clean the bathroom since these materials will keep their finish longer. Once the finish wears off of something, it becomes a magnet for stubborn stains, and eventually it will be impossible to keep clean. Tip 5: Think Sealed Do your research to make sure that the material you use for your countertop is sealed properly, and easy to maintain. There are tons of beautiful options that don’t require special cleaners, or special care to keep them looking their best. Have you been spending all of your time with your nose buried in remodeling books? If you haven’t had time to clean, no worries! Let a Chesterfield cleaning service handle the cleaning for you! Click here for a FREE quote from Marvelous Maids. Looking for an O’Fallon maid service? They’ve got you covered there too! St. Charles County maid service: (636) 240-5845 West County cleaning service: (636)...

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Why a Cleaning Service Can Accomplish a Better Clean in Chesterfield and st Charles County

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015 in Marvelous Tips

Better Maid Service Chesterfield Mo           If you’ve ever experienced the joy of hiring a maid service to help tidy and tend to your home, you know that they seem to clean “better.” While a housecleaning service delivers exceptional results, here are the reasons why Marvelous Maids can perform a mean clean that is top-notch:   Tools and Equipment Maid services like Marvelous Maids in Missouri are prepared with a variety of tools and equipment that are often industrial-grade. Also, many maid services have cleaning solutions that are tried and true as well as green, mops and microfiber cloths that ensure a spotless clean.   Technique and Tricks Many maid services have specialty tricks and techniques they employ to make a house spotless. Years of training and experience make maid professionals more adept and speedier at cleaning a home.   Focus While you might be filling the dog bowl, responding to a text, washing clothes and doing the dishes, a maid service company will come to a home with a greater focus. The Marvelous Maid team will only concentrate on cleaning the house and won’t be distracted by other household happenings.  And Marvelous Maids doesn’t overshcedule allowing their teams to take their time in your home.   Team Spirit Most maid companies bring multiple maids to cleaning jobs and this can accomplish more than a single person trying to clean and tidy an entire house.   Custom Cleaning A maid service team can create a thorough and customized cleaning plan that will result in a deeper and more effective long term cleaning plan.   Need help getting your home seriously clean and tidy? Our maid team in O’Fallon and Chesterfield, Missouri can help! Contact us today and receive a free quote HERE!   So if you are looking for maid service Chesterfield Mo – Hear from one of our great customers:   “I absolutely L-O-V-E Marvelous Maids!! So very glad they headed into our area. The company itself is top-notch, but that wouldn’t be possible without wonderful teams such as ours, Amanda and Eryn. Dependable, efficient, so very good at what they do – coming home after a “Marvelous” day is such a treat for me!! I am usually at work when they come, but my husband works from home and my mother-in-law lives in our home, and they both have nothing but compliments for these two. We are lucky to have them as our team members!! Thank you, Amanda and Eryn, and Marvelous Maids, for living up to everything you promise, and then some!!!”  Colleen L., maid service Chesterfield...

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Make Your Laundry Day Run Smoother

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Marvelous Tips

Great Laundry advice from a maid service in OFallon, Mo Laundry day can entail a lot of angst and upset. While the hamper may be overflowing, there are some ways to combat the sullen mood accompanying the dreaded day.   Here are some easy ways to make the laundry blues a thing of the past:   1.) Find Your Laundry Rhythm Love doing one slow slog of multiples loads of laundry all in one day or prefer to spread out the pain and do laundry every evening? Find the rhythm that works best for you, your family and your schedule and stick to the routine.   2.) Stop the Folding Frenzy If you’re always folding piles of clothes, it might be easier to try a different method. Try rolling clothes into shirt and pant piles or have sock stacks instead of spending hours matching and folding.   3.) Divide and Conquer A hamper with dividers for whites, darks and delicates will speed along the process of laundry day and make sorting a thing of the past.   4.) Listen and Love Instead of dreading laundry day, take the opportunity to listen to audiobooks, podcasts or other favorite songs for inspiration and motivation while being chained to the washing machine.   5.) Put Away Party Children can take on the responsibility of putting away clothing from an early age and this will make the laundry process run easier and be more manageable. Getting kids involved in laundry is a great way to teach them responsibility and the value of hard work.   Need help getting your home clean and orderly? Our maid service in O’Fallon, Mo and Chesterfield, Mo can help make your laundry days less stressful and painful by keeping your home spotless! Learn more about all our maid services HERE   Michelle K writes:  We have been using Marvelous Maids since moving here 3 months ago. Each time they’ve come out, the girls have done a fantastic job. On our last visit, Tabitha B and Ashley B went above and beyond. My 2 year old pretty much destroyed the playroom shortly before the girls arrived and I didn’t have time to pick up all the toys. Tabitha and Ashley picked everything up and put them away in the toy box and the toy bins!! Great job! I love how clean my house looks and smells after Marvelous Maids has been here. Staying at home with 2 young children and a dog keeps my busy all day long. It’s so nice to have a reliable maid service that cleans the house and does a great job at...

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